Is your bespoke furniture business flourishing?

If you are currently running a bespoke furniture business, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with this frustrating fact of life: every project is so unique that it takes a great amount of time and effort just to produce design drawings and a quotation. Yet - despite spending this amount of time, effort and resources - you are only ever 40 – 50% guaranteed of securing a sale.

*This takes into account travel time to and from client’s home, as well as time spent during design consultation and while producing design drawings and quotation.

Made-to-measure furniture design and pricing made easy.

Our Bespoki App uses state-of-the-art system and graphics to deliver outstanding results by allowing customers to both design and price potential bespoke furniture projects online and in real time, without the frustrating delays.

Users simply follow these three easy steps:

  • 1
    Browse available furniture ranges and make selection.
  • 2
    Input one’s own dimensions and select layout preferences.
  • 3
    Create custom design and get price details instantaneously.

Your one-stop shop for bespoke furniture.

Bespoki Marketplace is a unique online platform designed to host a wide range of bespoke furniture manufacturers and designers. Potential buyers will be able to browse a broad variety of furniture designs based on their location and personal preferences and get an instant quotation using Bespoki App.

Showcasing the designs - online platform

How can I benefit from becoming a Bespoki partner?

Bespoki Design and Pricing App is a powerful tool that will improve your sales and enable you to save time and money:

  • Users of our app can design custom furniture online at any time that suits them.
  • A detailed quotation for each design is delivered instantly, using clear and attractive graphics.
  • Your designers can use our design tool in the client’s home, speeding up the design and pricing process.
  • You benefit from receiving higher quality leads from well-informed, and more committed customers.

Bespoki Marketplace expands your markets, and gives you immediate exposure to a more diverse clientele. As part of the Bespoki Marketplace you will benefit from:

  • Co-ordinated, tailored advertising campaigns attracting large, hard-to-reach audiences.
  • Improved control of sales processes. Access to customer relations, management and sales tools.
  • Access to advanced reporting data, providing deeper insight into customer interaction with your designs.
  • Clearly displayed customer ratings and feedback helping to atrract new clientele.

Partnership Highlights

In a nutshell

Simple designing and instant pricing

All furniture featured by Bespoki is integrated with our design tool. Customers create a tailored design online, and receive a quote within minutes.

Compelling 3D visualizations

Bespoki partners use realistic 3d computer generated imagery to share their designs with potential customers. This lets the quality and craftsmanship of your work speak for itself.

Access to large audiences

As a Bespoki partner, you’re part of a dynamic, trade-oriented community. Take advantage of our co-ordinated advertising campaigns, and reach out to untapped audiences.

How do I become a Bespoki partner?

If you feel that Bespoki offers the solution that you've been waiting for, it's easy to get involved. Simply complete the short application form below, and we will contact you to discuss next steps.

Alternatively, if you have further questions about becoming a partner, please contact us via email or call us on 0208 617 0939.

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